The cab weaved through the bustling city roads,

I looked out the window; people, cars, billboards.

Soon the noise will fade, crowds will disappear,

We would touch the highway, home will be near.

I soaked in the chaos and smiled,

Beautiful views awaited me on either sides.

Eucalyptus, coconut, age old trees, growing wide and tall,

Few old rickety buses, slowly tugging along.

Roads lined with colourful houses, kids by the roadside,

Cattle crossing and village markets, a feast for my eyes.

At the city outskirts, I chuckled and said,

“City is over, heaven lies ahead!”.

Driver, a local, replied, “Madam, the ride will be slow.

Development is planned, they are broadening the road.

I didn’t want to see what he described,

I stared out the window, waiting for colours to come in sight.

I saw road deviations, plenty of construction signs,

Gigantic blocks of concrete, all piled up high.

Stripmalls and eatery chains, flashy signs and parking space.

The sky above changing gray, covered by a flyover maze.

Torn down homes. Life uprooted, moved and daunted.

Memories. Lied broken and haunted.

I pulled out my laptop. Checked my mails, news, meeting slides.

The highway to Malgudi. A traveler’s paradise?!?!